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Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. At Best Buds we know that you want everything to be perfect, looking the way you had imagined and without any unexpected surprises!

At Best Buds our aim is to ensure that your flowers, and you, look fantastic on the day. We will work with you months in advance to plan and select flowers to suit your style and budget. Please give us a call, or fill out our enquiry form to arrange a personalised meeting to discuss your needs (no obligation!)

Some key questions you will need to think about are the style of flowers, the colour palette and the type of Bridal Bouquet.

For those who like a classic, feminine style, flowers such as roses, sweet pea, freesias and lilies can be used to add a soft and pretty look to the wedding. These types of flowers are often beautifully scented, with a "from the garden" feel. Colours tend to be whites, pinks and purples.

You could also choose something a little more modern, perhaps adding interesting textures and shapes, or a striking colour combination. This might include orchids, succulents or berries and colours such as deep mauves, oranges or blues.

To make a statement you could opt for a very modern arrangement. Exotic flowers, fruits, tropical leaves, sticks & other adornments will certainly serve to make sure you have a unique and talk-worthy wedding!

When using colour, the possibilities are endless.

You may choose to match the colour of your wedding flowers to the colour of your bridal party. This can be especially effective for a more classic style of wedding.

Keeping the bouquets neutral coloured is another option which can be quite stunning. This colour scheme keeps your look fresh and understated.

For a big splash, you could opt for a contrasting colour to your bridal party. This choice makes your bouquet a real feature on your special day.

Our wedding stylists are professionally trained to work with you on your colour scheme and select the most beautiful, fresh blooms that will complement your individual style.

The bridal bouquets can be either natural stems, partly wired, or fully wired. But you don't have to worry about the mechanics, the most important thing to choose is whether you want the shape to be compact or flowing.

Compact bouquets include the classic, rounded posy style or a small teardrop style bouquet.

Flowing bouquets can either be informal sheafs, which are held up the arm, or a flowing trail bouquet - with 1 or more trails and as long as you like!