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Get fresh flowers delivered to you your doorstep

Are you looking to get flowers delivered today in Sydney? Look no further. Best Buds has been a prominent figure in the floral industry for more than 10 years. We believe in designing the most eye-catching and beautiful floral arrangements to suit just about any occasion. Our passion for excellence has kept us striving for better, ensuring that we help you stay on budget, get the perfect arrangement and receive your first-rate floral arrangement on time. Contact us today to find out more.

If you find yourself having to deliver or transport flowers, make sure to follow our tips:

  • Right vehicle, enough room

Where possible, make sure you have the right vehicle for carrying your floral arrangements. It should have enough room to accommodate the flowers. Furthermore, it should also allow fresh air in to help maintain the flowers’ freshness. This is suitable for shorter trips of less than half a day but for longer trips you may want to look into refrigerated vehicles.

  • Water buckets

If you are transporting bouquets, place the bouquets in water buckets that are three quarters full of water. For additional stability you may want to use sandbags to help stop the buckets from rocking and spilling.

  • Handle with care

Flowers are delicate, and should be treated as such. Make sure to handle your flowers with care, and should they be in a vase, make sure it is secured on the floor.

  • Keep them out of your trunk

The trunk of your car may appear like a safe and convenient place to put your flowers in during transportation, however, the lack of air and conditions will shorten their lifespan. Always make sure this is a last resort.

  • No direct sunlight

Freshly cut flowers are not cut out for direct line and this means your dashboard too. What’s more, it is also a matter of safety since both you and your flowers wish to arrive alive. Placing them on your dashboard could obstruct your vision.

Get in touch with the professionals

Send flowers to that special someone in your life or receive the flowers you need to transform any room in your home or office. We are on hand, keen to assist and passionate about providing you with a quality of service you can rely on.

Contact us to get flowers delivered today in Sydney.

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