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There is nothing more important to us than colour…

We live, breathe and eat colour.  Some even say we’re obsessed with it.  If you are booked in for a Colour Consult with one of our team, your Maids fabric sample (or one of the gowns itself) is essential.  Our brides often don’t realise that their signature bridal colour is the Maids gown colour.  In an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter world – we all know how a photo can be a limited view of reality.  Often, a photo is not enough for us to establish a colour palette for you.  We discuss the effects of colour in photography, gowns as backdrops and ways to limit or enhance your floral expression.  Please ensure you bring along your fabric sample so we can work our very best magic for you.

If you are booked in for a Quotation Summary, your fabric sample is not necessary at this stage.  Likewise if your gowns are Black, a swatch is not necessary.

Please bring along anything you are using as inspiration for your styling.  Invites, cards, images, anything.  We love to see where you are at with your thoughts and planning.  Whatever you can bring along that helps us get to know YOU is important to us.